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Are You Really Communicating?


Are You Really Communicating?


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Do you think you are in control of your life? Do you think your communication game is on point? And do you think the channels of communication around you are great resources to knowledge? You may be right on the word 'knowledge' but what you may not be so sure about is if this knowledge is attaching positive traits or negative habits to your life and your overall lifestyle.
So, what really are you doing wrong or what is making you do wrong in your life? Do you want to find out the answer to your questions which have been left unanswered since you started thinking? If yes, how can you find that path to master, empower and enlighten the void which has grappled you and has entangled your mind in the delusional cobwebs of this world?
You must want to break free from the barriers which shackle your body and mind to act subconsciously than to act in control; in the ways you always wanted to live. Now, you are using control in life as we speak but the switch is in the hands of others than your own. How to get that switch back? How to communicate properly? And how exactly can you train yourself over time to become the best version of yourself? The answer to all of these notions is SIMPLE: You Have to Get Your Communication Right.
You may be thinking that you are the best communicator on the planet but you are deeply mistaken for that naïve claim of yours. If you thought communication is just using your tongue in a versatile rhetorical wordplay; your thought process is also programmed just like your life.
Find out the real ways to communicate, the way to attain and retain self-control, and the ways to become the best version of yourself, for yourself. Learn to communicate spiritually, not following the deceptive rhythms of the society but by using less emotions and more rationality in your life. Are you ready to change your communication for the better? Are you ready to revamp your life and get back that switch of control? Let's go and make that happen for you…

Are You Really Communicating?
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2021 Polska
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pdf, mobi, epub
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